Trump-Backed Sen. Prospect Herschel Walker Floats Jaw-Dropping Air Pollution Concept

Issue-plagued U.S. Senate applicant Herschel Walker has introduced an astounding argument for not enacting guidelines against air pollution: America’s “good air” will basically “decide” to go to China, he instructed supporters in Georgia.

A viral video clip clip of the speech by the Republican — who has been endorsed by Donald Trump — in the course of a marketing campaign end in Hall County, Ga, on Saturday, is building the rounds on Twitter and has triggering a tsunami of criticism. (Even Fox News conceded Walker’s mangled point of view “drew criticism.”)

“Since we really don’t regulate the air, our great air made the decision to float over to China’s lousy air, so when China gets our fantastic air, their undesirable air got to transfer,” Walker stated. “So it moves more than to our excellent air room. Then now we obtained to clean that again up,” he additional.

Herschel on the climate/Environmentally friendly New Offer/air:

“Considering that we never handle the air our superior air made the decision to float over to China’s terrible air so when China receives our great air, their lousy air obtained to transfer. So it moves in excess of to our great air place. Then now we acquired we to cleanse that back up.”

— stephen fowler (@stphnfwlr) July 11, 2022

Are you kidding me? Is this a skit? Has the GOP truly descended to this? To the ignorance and lunacy of the likes of Donald Trump and Herschel Walker?

— Mehdi Hasan (@mehdirhasan) July 11, 2022

They make negative air and export it to the US for cleaning. Following we have cleaned their air we mail back again the good air and they deliver us one more get of undesirable air. Econ 101, truly.

— Sensational Gus (@sensational_gus) July 11, 2022

When is plenty of sufficient? My god.

— ᒪᗩᗪY O’GᗩGᗩ (@holleyr) July 11, 2022

Sweet Jesus, Ga. This is not tricky.

— Cody Jackson (@CowboyCodyJack) July 11, 2022

Jesus. This is the @GOP Ga primary winner and their picked candidate for the United States Senate. The Senate. Our Senate. A person of one particular-hundred senators.

Not sending their ideal.

Or are they?

— JustFul☮️ (@fulton503) July 11, 2022

— T_Bo (@thibault_minet) July 11, 2022

If he’s not watchful he could get himself elected President.

— zain (@zainyk) July 11, 2022

Why in the hell is this happening?

— Mary (@SweetMaryBecky) July 11, 2022

Following about 2.4 million stunned views of the clip, initial posted Monday by GPB Information reporter Stephen Fowler, Walker’s marketing campaign responded on Twitter, inquiring of his Democratic rival: “Does Senator Warnock not concur that China is the largest polluter?”

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The wild air air pollution idea is just the hottest in a string of embarrassing revelations about the previous soccer star, such as a very long checklist of lies.

He has claimed he was an FBI agent (he was not), graduated from college (he didn’t), was his higher school’s valedictorian (no once more). And immediately after railing about absentee fathers, Walker confirmed he has a few further kids the general public just figured out about.

Herschel Walker has been caught

—Lying about proudly owning a nonexistent company
—Lying about even graduating from school
—Lying about graduating in the top 1%
—Lying about becoming HS valedictorian
—Lying about being a policeman
—Lying about getting in the FBI
—Lying about his top secret youngsters

— No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen (@NoLieWithBTC) July 11, 2022